Legacy Projects

Legacy Surname Index – this project consists of members submitting their SOURCED ancestral hometown names of their German immigrants.  These hometowns have been found and verified by church books or other German sources.  We hope that this index will help others who may have a connection to this immigrant verify their German hometown also.  The Index can be seen by clicking here.

Family History Book – this project is member-submitted stories of their German immigrant ancestor.  Who they were, where they came from, how they got here, where they settled in the U.S.  Other topics to include could be where they worked, where they lived in St. Louis, where buried etc.  The book will consist of stories of:

Germans in St. Louis  – German immigrants who settled in St. Louis and Missouri and surrounding areas in Illinois.


Germans in St. Louis –  this will be people of German ancestry who live in St. Louis now but would like to include their German immigrant who may have settled in other parts of the country.