Benefits of membership include:

The Monthly Newsletter/Notes.

The newsletter is filled with interesting historical and genealogical items of interest to German researchers. Notes from our monthly meeting will include topic discussion and links to what websites were given and books, events and additional membership information.

Links for Video Presentations made to the Group.

Networking with fellow German Researchers…

Members are encouraged to submit family surnames being researched for publication in the newsletter and online member’s area.

Limited Research Requests…

You may write to the group, at any time regarding a specific problem. We are unable to do in-depth research for you but the request will be presented to group for assistance in research.

Annual Membership Pricing:

$10 Individual, New or Renewal pay by Pay Pal Sign Up Here

$15 Family, New or Renewal pay by Pay Pal  Sign Up Here

If you pay by Pay Pal please also download an application to send in your surnames to be added to the Member Surname index.

Click here for a downloadable application form. If there any questions about membership, send an email to

You can also pay by check by sending it in with the application form to address on the form.

You can also pay by Zelle by sending payment from your bank to Gistl account:

Feel free to visit our group meetings for a time or two to see if this is a good fit for you to further your research.

 New Membership Renewal Form

A shortened version of the membership form for renewal is now available if nothing in your home address or email address has changed. All you need to do is print your name at the designated place on the form and send the form as directed on the form.

If you have names you want to add to the Member Surname list (names you are researching whether you know hometown or not) please attach TYPED list with your names, if known – add German State, County, Village.

The Renewal Form can be downloaded by clicking here.

After you have joined or renewed please LOGIN and see our Members Area.