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Heinrich Otto Schneider, an immigrant from the Hessen Darmstadt area, came to St. Louis, Missouri in 1886. He began working as a brewer. Two years later, he was mar-ried to Anna Marie Bohler, an immigrant from Switzerland. They lived in the southside neighborhood called Lafayette Towne. At the Anheuser Busch Brewery, Otto worked as a fireman. The photo is a group of brewery workers. My great grandfather, Otto Schneider, is standing in the back row with his arms crossed, center right.              By Jan Wenk

Members are encouraged to submit photographs of their ancestors along with a short story of their ancestor of about 90 words or less for publication on this webpage. Send photographs and stories to

John Charles Anton, was a second generation German, born in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1885. John married Carolina Louise Haefling, they lived in South St. Louis, Missouri. He is here with a group of men, they have their sign  "Confectioners Mercantile Co." Annual River Excursion Given Under the Auspices of the Big 1(?). It looks like they are taking their band and the American flag with them on the excursion. Notice the American flag has 48 stars.My grandfather is John Anton standing is the second person in from the right side.
     By Nancy Von

John Charles Anton, was a second generation German born in St. Louis, Missouri. John is the bartender behind the bar in the white shirt and vest. I have this cash register and it still works today. I'm sure there was a piano in the bar too. As John could play piano by ear, he played any tune he heard; John playing piano brought in many customers, as they thought everyone was having a good time in that bar. John Anton is my grandfather.
     By Nancy Von Behren